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SAI industrial products design and manufacturer, We are known for our client's oriented approach and transparent trade practices. We feel proud to announce ourselves as a manufacturer known for the quality-service and unbiased customer approach satisfying the clients to the maximum. With our extensive experience and passion to serve endless-list of clients, we are successfully multiplying the list of our patrons. For the past 15 years, we are serving our clients and have marked a deep niche for ourselves in global market. It is by our rich experience and expertise in manufacturing superlative quality Industrial fasteners, we have bagged most covetous position in India and overseas as a most reliable and eminent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of quality anti-loosing screws, bolts, flange bolts, mould screws, self-tapping screws, fasteners special bolts, screws- special screws, special and different screws, weld bolts, variety of bolts, mould screw, automotive bolts and rivets.

There are also proprietary designs which only fit one manufacturer's equipment. Collets can range in holding capacity from zero to several inches in diameter. The most common type of collet grips a round bar or tool, but there are collets for square, hexagonal, and other shapes. In addition to the outside-holding collets, there are collets used for holding a part on its inside surface so that it can be machined on the outside surface(similar to an expanding mandrel). Furthermore, it is not uncommon for machinists to make a custom collet to hold any unusual size or shape of part. These are often called emergency collets (e-collets) or soft collets (from the fact that they are bought in a soft (unhardened) state and machined as needed). Yet another type of collet is a step collet which steps up to a larger diameter from the spindle and allows holding of larger work pieces.

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